About Me

Michelle Byars has been working with families who have children with developmental and learning challenges for close to ten years. She specializes in using movement to further proper brain/body development and increase the functional and social abilities of children and adults.

She has provided developmental movement therapy in various forms for children with histories of neglect and trauma, physical, developmental and learning disorders. She has facilitated social skills programs using Yoga in both schools and community settings. She has led workshops for parent groups, professionals and teachers.

Michelle has extensive training in functional neurology, sensory integration disorders,  developmental movement and yoga. In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she holds certification from the Carrick Institute in the Functional Neurology of Childhood Developmental Disorders, as well as certifications in yoga for adults, children and children with special needs.

Michelle is committed to helping individuals improve health and wellbeing through the use of non-invasive therapeutic techniques. Michelle’s approach is professional and compassionate. She works hard to provide measurable improvements.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys dancing, theatre, and sharing time with her husband and children.